While the holiday season may be over, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider treating yourself to a gift that will keep on giving – a home security system. Whilst many people believe the only benefit of home security systems to be protection for themselves and their families, there are countless additional benefits that make installing your own home security system a no-brainer.

Deter Burglars/Trespassers

Homes without a home security system are more than three times more likely to be targeted by burglars. Having your home equipped with an alarm or CCTV system will be enough to deter most burglars from attempting anything.

Home Automation

The technology that comes with having a home security system could also give you the power of home automation. Imagine being able to lock and unlock doors or turn off your lights remotely. Installing this home security feature will give you full control of your home at all times. This is livin’, Barry!

Reduce Insurance Costs

By installing a home security system at your home, you’re setting yourself to save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance! If insurance companies know that your home is well protected, they will ease up on coverage costs, which can save you bucket loads of money in the long run! If you’re renting, you can also significantly save on your renters insurance by installing a security system in your rental property.

Remote Monitoring

Modern home security systems will typically give you the power to monitor your home remotely, allowing you to keep tabs on the happenings in and around your home. There’s nothing worse than being far from home, worrying about what might be happening at home. Having this security feature will give you some extra peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy yourself, wherever you may be in the world.

Request Medical Assistance

When considering who could benefit most from a home security system, households with older folks are near the top of the list. On top of being a preferred target for burglars, they are also more likely to require immediate medical assistance. Many home security systems will come with an option to add a duress pendant or phone app, giving you immediate access to emergency services when required.


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