DESIGN + SELECT: Refresh/Makeover

If you’re just wanted to refresh your home, without making too many structural changes, a home makeover might be the right direction for you. You can update the look of your kitchen, change the surfaces in your bathroom, or even just hire a decorator to give you some ideas on furniture or paint colours.

Benchtop Resurfacing:

If you absolutely love the layout of your kitchen, or you have a kitchen that’s extremely well built, then you may just want to jazz up the aesthetic of it. One option you have is resurfacing your benchtop. This involves taking a thin sheet of engineered stone or porcelain and laying it over the existing benchtop. For a fraction of the cost of a brand-new benchtop, and with almost zero downtime, resurfacing your benchtop is a brilliant way to breath some new life into your kitchen!

Image: United Stone Melbourne (before and after)

Hire a Designer/Decorator:

Whether you’re lacking inspiration or time, or you just don’t think you have an eye for design, hiring an interior decorator is a great way to get new ideas and advice on refreshing and re-styling your home. With expertise in areas such as colour theory and spatial planning, interior decorators and designers have the ability to completely change the feel of your home, without having to do any demolition work or major remodelling!

Image: JAK Interiors

Update your Hardware:

When it comes to a quick and easy update that makes a massive difference in the style of your kitchen, hardware ranks right at the top. It can be changed out in just a few hours, yet transforms the entire appearance and feeling of a space. When it comes to an easy kitchen update, new hardware can transform a space from boring to beautiful! It’s important to opt for quality when choosing frequently touched items, such as handles, as this will ensure longevity and elevate the look and feel of your kitchen, providing a sleek finish. Finishing touches are important and hardware is no exception. There has recently been an increase in demand for more unique designs, as these styles allow homeowners to inject a hint of playfulness into their homes, in a more subtle and understated way.

Image: Castella Australia