The kitchen is the heart of the home, or at least one of the most utilised. Not just as an area for food prep and serving, but providing a versatile space where we socialise, share days activities, relax, snack, chat, all encompassing as way no other space in the home. This consistent and continued daily workout will eventually have an effect on the wear and tear of your kitchen. Add to that the expense of a new kitchen, most of us keep our existing kitchens for as long as possible leading to them being outdated and tired. 

Often repairing, replacing or improving select elements can have a dramatic effect and increase the life of your existing kitchen, so we have a few straightforward suggestions should you be contemplating a kitchen makeover. 


Is your kitchen structural sound but looks like it belongs in a dodgy 80’s TV drama? Changing the doors and drawer fronts whilst retaining the housing is a cost effective way to a whole new aesthetic. 

Painting existing cabinetry is an excellent and affordable way to transform your kitchen, but before you start it pays to prepare. Chat with a expert about the finish you are working with and how to achieve the best end result. If you feel it is a project that you want to take on yourself there are plenty of step-by-step videos out there to help you out, it is also worth considering getting them professionally spray painted for an easy, smart and modern end result.

Replacing your cabinet fronts with pre-made to measure laminate doors is a fast and effective improvement. Laminates have come along leaps and bounds in the past few years, with stylish, on-trend and durable options, even offering some scuff resistant and anti-fingerprint selections. Laminate suppliers have extended their door ranges to include moulded door profiles as well as flat door fronts, with a style and finish to suit almost any home.


Replace or reface, as a principle feature of any kitchen, the benchtop, is another key way to enhance this space. A new bench top can save time and money whilst transforming your tired kitchen, with a broad variety of finishes, when considering a benchtop think practical, hygienic as well as aesthetically pleasing. With options from natural or engineered stone, laminate, solid surface material, timber, polished concrete to stainless steel, take some time to mull over your personal style, budget and everyday needs.

Resurfacing involves applying or overlaying a thin piece of engineered stone over the existing bench top, it is a simple, quick and cost effective technique for a crisp modern makeover. 


Another inexpensive yet effective way to reinvigorate your kitchen is to update or replace your old splashback, it’s a perfect way to add colour, texture and interest; serious impact for minimal cost. Much like the bench tops, there is a serious amount of options out there from fashionable tile, glass to sheet metal so spend a little time first planning your overall look. 

Tile paint can also provide a super quick and successful solution for a clean neutral appearance without too much hassle.


One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen style is simply be changing out the cabinet door handles and/or taps. With so many amazing style and price options available it’s great to make a statement but also consider how the style follows through with the kitchen design as well as rest of your interior.

Dated and tired appliances can also really let down a kitchen, changing them out for new pieces can easily transform this space.


Lighting can make or break a kitchen transformation, needing to balance both functionality and ambience. Statement lighting can, not only add personality, provide a stabilising feature, but also create a warm and inviting space. So consider incorporating an on-trend above island collection or a hero piece over the dining table as well as utility task lighting.