Wet Wall Panel Co.

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Say Goodbye to Grout Forever!

If you are looking for an alternative to tiles, Wet Wall Panels are for you!
Wet Wall Panels are a cost effective floor-to-ceiling solution and can even be installed over existing tiles. With a large range of panel designs, Wet Wall Panel Co. has a style to suit your home. Not only are the panels grout free and 100% waterproof, they are also fire retardant, 100% mould resistant, durable and easy to clean. With a variety of benefits, updating your bathroom has never been easier!

Where can Wet Wall Panels be installed?
– Bathrooms
– Shower areas
– Kitchens
– Laundries
– Anywhere!

The Process:
1- Choosing the panel design
2- Measuring the space to determine how many panels are needed
3- Order of Wet Wall Panels
4- Delivery
5- Installation