Topline Clothes Lines

The Original and still the best intelligent clothes lines

How often have you left the washing out whilst you were out and it started to rain?

Well now there’s the indoor intelligent clothes rack, your indoor remote control, cool and warm air drying retractable ceiling mounted unit for hassle free drying.

  • Space saving.
  • Modern Slimline Silver and White base.
  • Suitable for small laundries or out of the weather areas such as patios and balconies.
  • Light weight construction.
  • Strong construction with aviation aluminium
  • Electophoresis surface paint film giving a tough, high performance surface protecting from corrosion.
  • GB304 Stainless steel wire for strength and reliability.
  • Safety cut out switch to prevent overheating of the machine due to excessive misuse. (Children putting it up and down continually). Resets after 15 minutes.
  • Obstacle blocker, if the line is put down and there is something in the way, it will stop automatically.
  • Fan and heater will turn off automatically after 3 hours if left going.
  • Wireless remote access up to 30m from home unit.
  • Balanced X-Link ensures even up and down movement.
  • Mechanical positioning systems, wind resistance design and anti-sway structure.