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Durable Quartz Stone Benchtops

Welcome to Smartstone – Australia’s fastest growing distributor of engineered quartz surfaces. Over the last 22 years, Smartstone has become a trusted name for architects, interior designers, renovators, builders and developers. Whilst it is most popular as a benchtop material, Smartstone is well suited to a wide range of interior applications, both residentially and commercially.

Smartstone quartz surfaces are manufactured using at least 93% quartz. This quartz is then combined with a variety of resins and pigments, in order to create the most durable surface. Smartstone’s newest range, the “Ibrido” range, introduces a new generation of engineered surfaces. These surfaces combine hybrid print technology with a ground-breaking low silica content and recycled formulation and boasts 56% recyclable content.

Smartstone is superior to natural stones, due to its immense durability, low moisture absorption and high resistance to acids, oils, and liquids. It also has extreme resistance to heat, scratching, cracking and chipping, making it a gorgeous, low maintenance benchtop option.