Kitchens & Bathrooms Squared


Kitchens & Bathrooms Squared are an award winning kitchens & Bathroom design and renovation company that can design and build a new kitchen and install it in your home. They also do complete Melbourne bathroom or ensuite renovations on existing homes, whether your style is modern, contemporary or classic.

Have your Melbourne kitchens or bathrooms designed by their experienced designer Kim Lester with over 20 years in kitchen and bathroom design in Melbourne. Once the design is complete, your new kitchen will be manufactured in their factory in Melbourne, they will prepare the site (removing existing kitchen and setting up for the newly designed kitchen/Bathroom) and then install your project through to completion. This will all be coordinated and completed by their professional, experienced and patient staff. All kitchens are manufactured & assembled direct in their factories in Australia, with Australian made board.

They can come to you!