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The Rapid Heating Towel Rail

Meet Gordon.

Gordon is a vertical heated towel rail, innovatively designed to dry towels in a third of the time compared to standard (horizontal) heated towel rails. With its sleek, minimalistic design, it is perfect for bathrooms of any size. The standard Gordon can try four large towels at once, whilst maintaining a temperature that is always safe to touch.

Gordon consumes exceptionally low power, meaning you can have dry towels all year round, without having to worry about your electricity bills. It is also made of aluminium, making it 100% recyclable

Whilst the original Gordon is a space saving genius, if you’re needing something a touch bigger, check out the Double Gordon. With twice the capacity, no one in the house will ever have to go without a warm, dry towel.

Check out the Gordon display at the Home Innovations Centre in Frankston!