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Decorative Wall & Ceiling Panels

Easycraft has been providing decorative wall and ceiling panelling products for residential and commercial projects across Australia for almost 40 years. They are proudly Australian owned and operated, using environmentally sustainable timbers and are committed to quality, impact resistant panels that are easy to install and beautiful to look at.

Easycraft commenced in 1986 based on the need for a product that could provide an alternative to the original timber vertical joint planks used in the construction of Queensland Homes built between 1870 and 1920. Renovators wanted to keep the authentic look of the original Queenslander but use a product that would overcome the many shortcomings and inconsistencies of the timber plank. Easycraft began manufacturing (by hand) a VJ panel that was quicker and easier to install, based on a more durable substrate, had clean grooved lines and included a patented hidden joining system.

Since those humble beginnings, Easycraft have continued to develop stylish, innovative products to meet the ever-changing market needs for homes and commercial buildings across Australia.