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The Ultimate BBQ, Outdoor Fire and Pizza Oven

Buschbeck is a family-owned company based in Waldbrol, Germany. This family are also the masterminds behind a brilliant, multi-functional, 3-in-1 appliance. When you buy a Buschbeck BBQ, you’re actually getting a BBQ, pizza oven, and outdoor fireplace all in the one unit!

Cook a perfect steak, create an authentically gourmet pizza, or add some cosy ambience on a chilly evening – anything is possible when you have a Buschbeck.

The Buschbeck BBQs have been created with both versatility and safety in mind. A unique ‘thermal barrier’ system ensures that the unit is always cool and safe to touch on the outside. They are also made with materials that ensure maximum strength and durability, with a beautiful finish that will last a lifetime.

See the Buschbeck products for yourself at the Home Innovations Centre in Frankston!