Ariana Curtains & Blinds

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Designer, Custom-Made Curtains, Blinds & Shutters

Ariana Curtains & Blinds stands as Melbourne’s premier provider of high-quality window furnishings, shutters, curtains, and blinds. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a diverse range of top-quality styles throughout Melbourne.

Ariana Curtains & Blinds takes pride in delivering a convenient, mobile service. They bring their showroom directly to clients, visiting homes, offices, and shops in Melbourne’s Eastern and South-Eastern Suburbs. Their mobile showroom features a comprehensive inventory of sample designs, pleatings, fabrics, and products, allowing clients to browse and choose with ease. With free measurements and quotes, custom fittings, and tailor-made manufacturing, Ariana Curtains & Blinds ensures the perfect look and fit for every need.