Have you been thinking about tackling a home bathroom renovation; want to create your own private sanctuary? Then look no further, we are here to help!


Bathrooms are having a revolution, no longer clinical and cold spaces and taking inspiration from boutique hotels and spas, bathrooms are transforming from the ugly duckling rooms into swans.


Plan, plan, plan – at the offset it is vital to be aware of the space that you have to work with when you start to plan out your dream bathroom. By planning the layout in advance, this allows you to consider where the essentials will be located whilst ensuring the spacial needs for any doors and windows and also making the most of the space that you have to work with.


Establishing what your requirements are right at the start is crucial: toilet, single or double vanity, bath and/or walk-in shower etc, consider how the room needs to function. Once you have confirmed the pieces of furniture and fixture needed and where they will be located, then you can look at the style and adding your own personal stamp on the space.


Do the leg work and research varying styles to find out what you are drawn to, you may think that romantic traditional classic period looks are your thing but, when it comes down to it your needs suit a more paired down contemporary look. That’s not to say that with some careful planning and forethought it is possible fuse modern clean lines with a carefully placed traditional feature for a space that is both stylish and functional.


Beautiful bathrooms are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they also have to be practical and considered. Remember to factor in waterproofing, as regulations for this apply to all new bathrooms and bathroom renovations in Australia.


Is your bathroom particularly small, would it suit being a wet room with a flush floor throughout and into the shower enclosure? Also, for small spaces place as few visual barriers as possible, for instance make that shower screen frameless to give an illusion of openness.


When it comes to space saving solutions, over the bath showers can work well, allowing multifunctional use of the area available. Shower baths with a wider area at the tap end have been a constant in high end hotels for years and are great option as they allow a more spacious shower area.


It is really important to think through the logistical requirements when planning the type of shower system to install and ensure that it is compatible with the hot water system in your home. Water pressure and temperature regulators are vital as no-one enjoys either scolding jets or water dropping to a drizzle just because someone flushes the loo!


If you have the space then freestanding baths can add that touch of luxury, and being available in contemporary or traditional options, work with whichever style direction you take. Double ended bath option can also boast the same appeal and with central fittings or bath filler, they are not only a practical option but can be a perfect feature piece as well.


Don’t leave heating as an afterthought; make sure to think about it right from the start, underfloor heating is a perfect option for bathrooms especially if your space is limited. It utilises heats natural propensity to rise therefore when located at the lowest point, gives a comfortable, even warmth throughout. Heated towel rails are not only practical, providing rapid heating and drying out those damp towels but can also add the perfect aesthetic accessory to your room.


Your tap ware specification will have a massive effect on your bathrooms overall feel and look. With so many options available from neutral chromes, to modern black and warm brushed brass to name but a few. Then there are the extended mixers, sink top or wall mounted, sets, squared edged, rounded, the list goes on so be sure to shop around, feel them out – literally, make sure that they not only meet your visual needs but also your practical ones too.


Sinks that double as a piece of furniture, add not only an elegant storage option, opens up limitless design possibilities whilst also providing a perfect design feature opportunity. Vanities come in a vast array of styles, sizes and finishes to suit your bathrooms arrangement, size and budget. In smaller spaces a wall mounted vanity will clear the floor giving the appearance of space or if you’d prefer something more unique then maybe get hands on and up-cycle an old pre-loved piece of furniture.


Tiling choices are continually expanding, providing opportunities to think outside the box and add a little of your own personality and an elegant focal point. If you want to add some character but not sure where to start look out for the on-trend, fun new colours, textures and shapes. 100% waterproof, mould resistant and easy to clean, means that wall cladding is also making a design resurgence. With choices from Venetian plaster, acrylic panels, stone, porcelain, to coloured glass and more, it’s not hard to see why!


Lighting, often overlooked but can make or break a space, it can add a warm inviting glow or send you running from the glare. Again at the planning stage combine practically located spotlights with soft, inviting mood lighting and add in a well positioned task light by the mirrors to ensure that practicality meets subtle ambience. If you really want a little extra atmosphere opt for some feature lights to emphasise those feature design details.