With 2023 fast approaching, the Home Innovations team has compiled a list of next years biggest design trends. Take a look below to find out how to stay on-trend during your next renovation!

Round it out
From arched doorways to curvaceous corners, designers and architects alike have agreed that curves will dominate the interiors space in 2023. Architectural curves can be used as a way to draw the eye to a particular part of the room, or simply to soften the feeling of the space.
If you’re not quite ready yet to fully embrace this new architectural feature, there are other ways you can get a little taste of how curves can majorly improve your space. You can experiment with curved furniture, mirrors, and even wallpaper and wall art.

Set in stone
While stone benchtops and splashbacks are nothing new, most renovators play tend to play it safe with colours and styles. 2023 is the time to embrace the extreme veining and the wild colour options available in all sorts of natural and engineered stones. Don’t be shy with the application either – stone can be used on staircases, on your floors, walls, and even your ceilings.

Put a cork in it
With an ever-growing focus on environmental sustainability, there has never been a better time to consider cork flooring. On top of the impressive environmental and sustainable credentials, cork is an amazing alternative for people who suffer from allergies, as dust, mildew and mould aren’t able to establish themselves in cork as they can in carpet. It also has heat-retaining properties, so no need to worry about icy-cold floors!

Double duty
In the aftermath of a few years spent mostly indoors, a lot of people came to the realisation that they need more space. If this sounds uncannily like you, then you need to consider the potential of creating a multifunctional room. Whether you need more space for work, study, exercise, (or just an oasis to escape from reality), there are so many ways that you can use your space efficiently and effectively.