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Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Whats New

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Whats New  Whats New The “kitchen triangle” the cook top, fridge and sink may be thing of the past, previously the critical component to any kitchen we are realising the benefits of multiple “triangles” to suit 2 cooks in the kitchen, with...

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Bathroom Updates Without The Blowout

Bathrooms updates without the blowout When it comes to updating the home, bathrooms are frequently on this wish list however, are relegated to sometime in the future in favour of living area and outdoor projects that are perceived to add more value or give you more...

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Renovations to Increase Your Home Value

If you are thinking about selling, it’s likely you are also considering the best way to maximise the appeal of your home to as many buyers as possible. Here we share some top tips for striking the right balance between the renovations you can easily DIY and those...

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